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14 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl You Like

14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl

14 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl You Like

14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl
14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl

Hi guys, let’s talk a bit. I hope you know girls are very sensitive to words, especially rude words directed to them. Some girls can get so furious that they act irrationally after hearing a word or phrase that they find derogatory.

Sometimes, you may not intend to get them upset with your comments, but funny enough they turn out to take it personally. This is why you need to be mindful of the words that you use on a girl.

I’ll show you some common phrases that you should never say to a girl if you really want to avoid her wrath. Some of the words to not say to a girl include:

  1. “You remind me of my mum”

Hell no!  You may intend to describe her to be as beautiful as your mum but some girls would find this offensive and won’t take it lightly. They may see it from the age perspective and think you are trying to say they look like your 50-year-old mum. Try to avoid using such a phrase if you don’t want to be embarrassed, especially in a public place.

  1. “You have a really pretty face”

Think about it; just her face? Aw, that’s not nice at all. I mean it sounds embarrassing even when you don’t have such an intention. She might think that other parts of her body are simply not attractive and this can affect her self-esteem. Besides, this can cause a girl to hate you like the devil.

14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl
14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl
  1. “Are you wearing that?

You already know ladies spend eternity dressing up, so why ask such a question? She could get this twisted and feel her dress is bad. Some girls might even think that you do not appreciate them and the way they look. They might be offended and even decide not to go out with you again.

  1. “Your sister is so hot”

That’s an endearing way to tell her she got screwed in her gene pool. She might say ‘thank you’ just to be polite but trust me, she never meant that. Besides, the word ‘hot’ may sound like you are lusting after her sister. This is usually the beginning of insecurity especially when she’s your fiancée. Never use that phrase!

  1. “Are you on your period?”

A friend of mine once narrated how he got slapped like a criminal when he first asked a girl if she’s on her period. It’s funny, right? I guess it’s stupid too because it can be embarrassing. A girl might think you are judging her mood or weird behavior by your stupid guess that she’s on her period. Do you get? Never ask a girl such a question. I mean if you don’t want to be slapped like my friend or even harder by a more aggressive girl.

  1. “Your hair looks way better”

Are you saying her hair used to be very scary? That’s the impression you would create in her mind. Never use this word no matter how beautiful you think her new look is. Don’t use the word ‘better’; you can use the word ‘beautiful’ instead.

  1. “You’re still hungry?”

This question sounds so rude and could make a lady feel like you are calling her a glutton. C’mon, fine, you paid the bill but that doesn’t warrant an insult. It may be an innocent question from you but it can actually piss a lady off.


  1. “Didn’t you wear that last week?”

Don’t make a girl feel like her wardrobe is empty. This question could insinuate that and it’s kind of rude to ask a girl that. She might even embarrass you if you are her fiancé and respond with comments like “what are you doing about it?” or “aren’t you ashamed your girl is short of dresses?” Never say that I mean Never!

  1. “You ask a lot of questions”

Girls are naturally wired to talk and be inquisitive and they like to talk with friends and loved ones. Don’t make them feel like you are irritated by their questions. It can get them angry, especially if you guys are dating. I mean it could be perceived as not being interested in communicating with her. Some girls can pick up a quarrel from this and decide not to talk to you again.


14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl
14 Things You Should Never Say To a Girl
  1. “I don’t trust your cooking”

That’s a big one. It can break all hell loose and make a girl decide to never attempt cooking for you again. I mean if you don’t trust her cooking, why don’t you have a taste before doubting her? Although some ladies will see it as a challenge to prove their cooking skills to you, some would rather see it as an insult and never forgive you for such a statement.

  1. “How much do you weigh?”

A girl can get this question twisted, especially when she’s on the larger size. She might get angry and defensive. You may not like her rude response, so it is better you save the question. A girl was asked this question and she replied saying “as heavy as your mum’s head” Oops! That was really tough, right? Yea, she said that because the question got to her on the wrong side even thou meant no harm.

  1. “You are crazy”

Girls hate this statement and they can turn out to show you their crazy side. They might get so angry and never forgive you for that.  So, no matter what a lady does to you, never use the word ‘crazy’ on her.

  1. “Calm down”

Some guys say this when they are trying to explain a reason for doing something wrong. The truth is you’d only make a girl become angrier with such a phrase. Why don’t you just go ahead and talk? She’ll become calm when she hears the truth. She might even apologize for yelling when she finds out that she was wrong all along.

In conclusion, always remember that girls take everything seriously, especially the words you say to them. Be very smart with words and avoid using the above-listed phrases. Sometimes, it’s better to stay quiet and just watch them than to use the wrong word. But if you have to say anything to them, make sure it makes happy unless the situation is serious and warrants otherwise.

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