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How To Completely End Depression In Your Life As A Man Normally I do not write articles immediately in response to readers' questi...

How To Completely End Depression In Your Life As A Man

How To Completely End Depression In Your Life As A Man

Normally I do not write articles immediately in response to readers' questions, but it deserves my maximum attention and response.
How To Completely End Depression In Your Life As A Man
How To Completely End Depression In Your Life As A Man

Therefore, as I plan to write an article that explains how you can END A lifetime of depression and negative thinking, first I must confess the following:

To be honest, I have NEVER been a depressed person.

Call it a factor related to my biology, call it a factor of how I live my life, but in any way, I have NEVER been a man who got depressed or constantly thought negative things.

On the contrary, I have always been a man who was always happy.

So, somehow, I will NOT write or approach this topic from EXPERIENCE (which is something I generally take pride in) but rather what I personally do to stay POSITIVE and mentally free.

That said, if you want to learn how you can stop feeling depressed, stop experiencing negative thoughts, and start living life and be free, then consider this article as MUST-READ.

How to END the depression in your life for GOOD

As I said at the beginning of this article, I have no experience of being depressed or constantly thinking negative thoughts ...

I think I do know some of the causes. And more importantly, the BIGGEST ...

Here is ONE reason why many people get depressed according to MY opinion:

They spend a LOT of time thinking and DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME to take action

In my opinion, this is one of the BIGGEST causes and the reasons why many people get depressed.

They spend too much time alone, they do NOT perform any physical or mental activity, and by doing THIS their mind is distracted by thoughts, many more thoughts, and then ... negative thoughts.

I mean really thinking about:

If you spend ALL your free time alone, without doing anything productive to really improve your life, then what do you think you will finally start thinking about?

Yes, how your life is horrible, shit, destroyed, and you continually choose to do absolutely nothing about it.

Instead of starting your own business to improve your financial life, you are choosing to sit on your couch at home all day and watch The Cosby Show come back to life.

Instead of going to the gym and improving its appearance, choose to drink beer every day and eat at McDonald's.

Instead of traveling around the world, meeting new people and making friends, you choose to stay at home every day and cry to sleep ... or masturbate every night and watch endless porn.

And honestly, this is all true. You choose to do these things if you continue to do so.

You are actively choosing not to be attractive to women by NEVER leaving your home and REJECT talking to them.

You are actively choosing to remain miserable by never leaving your home and becoming more social.

You are actively choosing to remain poor by working a shit job from 9 to 5, then leaving work and doing the same unproductive activities.

In other words, you are actively CHOOSING to live a depressing life full of negative thoughts and THIS is the reason why you feel so VERY DEPRESSED in the first place.

He is depressed because he spends too much time thinking and DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME to take action.

If I had to define ONE common trait among most people who are depressed would be that they spend too much time sitting and doing nothing.

Actually, they do not spend time reading, learning new information and becoming smarter.

Actually, they do not spend time establishing contacts with entrepreneurs, attending social gatherings or meeting women.

Actually, they do not spend time doing SOMETHING that directly increases their income, VALUE as employees or business partners.

In other words, most people who are depressed do NOTHING that can make them NOT get depressed and be consistently happy.


There is another BIG reason why many people are depressed and this may be something that YOU lack ...

The secret to NEVER get depressed: find your mission

Most men lack a personal MISSION in life.

What is a personal mission?

Something that you think you were brought to this earth to do personally.

Something that you are passionate about doing every day.

Call it passion, a call to life, something that only you can do, your purpose in life, anyway most men lack a mission in life and this is the reason why many of them are depressed nowadays.

What is MY personal mission in life?

Teach and help men improve their lives and improve with women, earn money and live a more productive and happy life.

I really consider my mission in life. And that shows us.

I have SEVERAL missions in life and here are my motivations for them:

I hate universities that cheat people and cheat young people and THIS is what drives me to write and spread my message.

I HATE older people who lie to younger generations about how to get a job and work until they die or until they are old and live in a nursing home.

I HATE artists who cheat young and old men, telling them lies and what they want to hear just to earn a few dollars and cheat their money.

I LOVE to see men improve their lives, LEAVE their jobs, ATTRACT the most attractive women and have more sexual relations than ever before.

I LOVE to see men write telling me how my website changed their life for the better and helped them get the dream job they always wanted, or the girl they wanted, etc.

This is what drives me to continue working on MY mission. This is what drives me to continue working on my mission. THIS is what motivates me.

And this is the reason why you will NEVER see me depressed.

Because I keep active, always learning, always interacting with other people, and always trying to GIVE VALUE to improve the lives of other people.

I do what I DO NOT do from a place of scarcity, but from a place of ABUNDANCE.

I DO because I know from my own experience that when I do it I will ALWAYS end up harvesting ten times more positive things in my life.

I am NEVER depressed or thinking negative thoughts because I am always wondering NOT the question "Why am I so depressed?" But "How can I improve someone else's life today?"

What can I do personally to make the world a much better place?

What great VALUE can I offer personally to other people?

My mission in life has ALWAYS been to motivate. The words are how I accomplish my homework.

I want the readers of this site to feel inspired, empowered, and yes ... I want YOU to be motivated to follow your dreams and live the life that YOU want to lead.

I want you to feel motivated and inspired to make the most of your life and feel that YOU CAN bring out the best in your life because you have the tools, the mentality, the resources and the desire to achieve it.

If you have not yet discovered the secret to NEVER get depressed or think negative thoughts, then I am about to share it with you ...

Start a business, learn a new hobby or skill, and focus on improving other people's lives

Yes, the secret to never get depressed is to constantly concentrate on yourself, on you.

It is to focus on interacting and helping OTHER people.

It is learning a new skill and using that trait to find your mission in life and make the world a much better place.

It is to start a new business, make a decent income, solve people's problems, and offer MUCH value that people will start BEGGING YOU to take your money.

It is to focus on living a fun and interesting life, full of adventures, powerful relationships and a positive journey.

It is NEVER to focus on the negative but to focus on the positive.

When you concentrate on doing ALL of these things, when you realize the true acceptance of this message, then feeling depressed will become a thing of the past and it will seem very difficult and difficult to do.

How can you really get depressed while you're out interacting with a hot girl and about to have sex with her?

How could you really get depressed when you are about to become the number one sales success of the New York Times and people are LOOKING to interview you and hang out with you?

How can you get depressed when you KNOW that your life is so big and that you can have everything you want?

YOU CAN NOT. Being depressed is just your mind cheating and it can only work IF you allow it.

So do not let depression and negative thoughts affect you.

Stay active and learn new hobbies and skills.

Start a new business or GET that promotion at work you love.

Become more sociable, start to actively approach more women, and ANILICE with just one night.

Set goals for yourself, focus on learning and acting, and be a REAL man.

Being depressed is only for LOSERS, so do not let yourself become one.

I mean, you really think about ... your life COULD be worse.

You could have grown up with one arm or NO arms.

You could be living on the streets at this time with no income or family to call.

You could have been born in a third world country and have been discriminated against or even been a scapegoat.

Life is great if you really think about it. It could ALWAYS be worse and it could always be better ... but ONLY if it allows it to be ...

So, yes, stop depressing yourself, start earning money, go out with hotter girls, learn new skills, travel the world, and NEVER let negative thoughts or negative thinking ever consume you anymore.

Find your mission in life, END, eliminate those negative thoughts from your mind and start focusing on improving your life.