Your Woman Might Have Been Faking Orgasm See Proof

Your Woman Might Have Benn Faking Orgasm See Proof

The topic or a man being able to satisfy his woman or make her cum is one topic most people would not like to get involved in. But to know how our Nigerian woman have been coping with relationships, sex and of course orgasm. We decided to interview 24 different Nigerian women to see if they've been faking orgasm..
Your Woman Might Have Benn Faking Orgasm See Proof
Your Woman Might Have Benn Faking Orgasm See Proof

Below is the response of 24 different Nigerian women regarding faking orgasms.

Hmmm…I have been faking it for the past two years in my relationship. I only cum through masturbation and no amount of fingering or sucking clit makes me cum. Dunno if there are other ladies experiencing this
                                                              Lady 1
Me, fake? Nah. I always tell hubby, in fact we discuss it most times set. Only few occasion he couldn’t say if I had, he asked and I told him. Sometimes I would be close to it and lose it. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, especially when the foreplay didn’t last long but most times yes, it happens. Why fake it? Share with your partner so he would do it better or you tell him how to pleasure you to reach orgasm. Lovemaking is something both partners should enjoy please
                                                            Lady 2
Mtcheeeeeeeeew….. And so? What all this men want is just to climb there, do the missionary style and climb down…. But me, you have to make me reach that orgasm else you ain’t going nowhere… If you have to enjoy it, why shouldn’t I? I don’t have to fake it.
Lady 3
I have oooo, many times self. Because there are times I won’t even want the sex, I’ll just fake it so he can cum n get off. Lol…. especially with guys I don’t even have feeling for. Lmao.
Lady 4
I always fake it! Sex is just overrated. I’ve never been able to cum with a man, maybe because I started very early at age 13.
Lady 5
I fake it most times o. It saves one from having bruised vj because some funny stud wannabes will just keep pounding and wounding the life out of you saying “baby I want you to cum”
Lady 6
I have never ever faked it, NEVER!. I cum easily. I don’t have sex i make love with the one i love deeply. Maybe it happens to ladies with more than one sex partner.
Lady 7
Kini big deal?Most men don’t have the patience to arouse a woman veeeerrrrryyyy well,they just want to go in n get satisfied so the babes play along…
Lady 8
Yes! i used to fake it for my ex because he won’t cum until i did. I’d just hold him tight and screammmmmm and then he cums immediately.I don’t cum every time i have sex and its usually baffles him. It’s no biggie jare, just to make your man feel good and at least allow you rest
Lady 9
Biko when my pussy don red I dey fake am wella!! Some men won’t cum till u cum first and they keep asking someone “did u come”?? Is it not better I fake it and make u feel good than allowing you peel my fragile pussy??
Lady 10
I never had one in my life
Lady 11
As a woman, i wonder why any woman would fake orgasm. As for me oo, I can’t and will never fake orgasm. Sex it to be enjoyed by the two people involved (I advise only married people should engage though), so why would i cheat myself and fake it, while the man gets to his peak of enjoyment??
Lady 12
If I dey do with my hubby and I don’t reach orgasm, we have to continue working until I reach. However, if action finishes in the middle and I have not reach orgasm, I say to him that I have not (of course not rudely). The next time, he knows what to do and how to do it to ensure that I’m not hanging somewhere. Infact the only time i did not reach orgasm, I told my hubby after the action and then sent him a text later in the day and link on how to properly arrange me next time. LOL, I tell you, d guy is now a champion!!SO ladies, please don’t fake anything because it’s to your own disadvantage!#MyOpinion
Lady 13
I have because I don’t want my vagina to be destroyed in the name of orgasm
Lady 14
Women fake it because :
1. They don’t want you to think they’re frigid and unresponsive
2. They don’t want to bruise your ego
3. They want you to STOP, hurry the hell up and get your dick out of their vjayjays, if your sex game is wack !
_Response 15
This is not new na- everyone knows this. Every guy that wants to be honest with himself knows that at one point, his girl has faked the hell outta that orgasm. Truth is, not many women have experienced orgasm,and that’s the truth. Many women don’t know how it feels like to have an orgasm. Most women have sex just because.
Lady 16

Personally, I hardly cum during sex. It takes a proper make out session, foreplay (of which good head must be given)to take me to cloud nine and have me shaking like leaves. From interactions, and also personal experience, I’ve come to realize that women fake orgasms either to boost the guy’s ego, or when the pounding gets unbearable, just to make him stop.
Lady 17
Been there, done that but I’ve decided not to fake it anymore, if you’re not hitting it right, brother get off me.
Lady 18
I can fake for Africa! I just jejelly masturbate to cum after he’s done! (in hiding though) The only guy who takes his time to make me come, is not even my bf! Men are just impatient when it comes to sex!
Lady 19
Don’t think bae has ever given me an orgasm but yet the way i shout you’ll think nepa just brought light after one year…hehehe! I proudly blow his mind and he thinks he does the same for me too…he is none the wiser. He’s a good man and that’s the most important thing. Wev been together for over 6 years. Doesn’t matter to me seeing as i and my fingers are not quarreling and i know what to do to myself.So to each his own. There are more important things in life rather than u sitting down there lamenting and looking for whom to genuinely supply with orgasm. Besides some truths are better left unsaid.
Lady 20
I don’t even know when i fake it and when i cum. Cos me i don’t even like sex because i see it as a disturbance. But i am always available for him just to please him
Lady  21
Lol, I used to fake it earlier on in d marriage but now we have discovered ourselves. He knows what to do make me reach there
Lady 22
Am plus sized so I guess I need more of everything in order to orgasm. Most plus sized ladies have small pussies so when the gbenshing becomes painful…I become omotola and act out a powerful orgasm.Na so we see am.
Lady 23
Same here, ever since I started having sex, I have never cum except when I masturbate on my own. I am married now with kids, still nothing for me. So I am so addicted to masturbation. I feel so sorry for husband though, because I fake it every time
Lady 24

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