How To Keep A Nigerian Man

    How To Keep A Nigerian Man
Gone are the days when it's the job of just the men to keep their partners now the women are trying really hard to keep their Nigerian man, keeping a Nigerian man to yourself alone and have him only look at you as his only woman on earth is very easy and simple to achieve that is if you're armed to the teeth with the right information and the right guide on how to please and keep your Nigerian man.

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How To Keep A Nigerian Man

It's as easy as any other thing just the lack of knowledge of what Nigerian men really want from their women is what is killing relationships and making men to look elsewhere even though they might not even get what they want there.

In this post I carefully analysed the the top four things which are absolutely th eonly thing your Nigerian man be he your husband or boyfriend wants from you. If you can carefully read and know how and when to apply it to your Nigerian man, trust me you'f own him to yourself and you alone.

One thing you should know is that despite the fact that we as human are all different there are some things we all want, so it's the fame for Nigerian men. Below are the things a Nigerian man wants to please him and keep him.

How To Keep A Nigerian Man

  1.  Feed Him:

  1. Feeding does not always have to be you going to his house to sweat it out in his kitchen- although it can be sometimes. Feeding him can also be you remembering to bring food for him whenever you come around. Nigerian Men like those signs of little thoughtfulness.
  2.  Give “It” to Him Right:
    A friend of mine confessed that the only reason he had not left a particular girl he seemed addicted to was because “if she ride me ehn, I dey speak in tongues”. Don’t be a statue in bed. Also don’t be too much of a whore so he won’t begin to imagine how much practise you may have had. To Do This Learn How To Please A Nigerian Man In Bed.
  3. Have a Voice:
    Gone are the days when Nigerian men wanted a woman that would be seen and not heard. These days, they want a smart woman who would speak smartly when they are in the midst of their friends.
  4. Respect Him:
    The average Nigerian man is a sucker for respect. Don’t be servile.Just be respectful and he will love you the more.
    Before you run off to do these things.One thing you should know is that it is next to impossible to make a man love you. You can please him by doing all these things yes. However, when push comes to shove, he loves who he loves for no reason at all. So love yourself and be confident.

You just fed yourself with the complete definitive guide on how you can 100% keep your Nigerian man and make him happy, that he won't have the idea or thought of leaving you. We Nigerian men all want these.

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