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4 Holiday Styling Tips for Couples

4 Holiday Styling Tips for Couples

With the holidays just around the corner, it probably means that you’re going from party to party at the minute. Whether you’re headed to works party or a Christmas reunion with the family, you’re probably going to have your girlfriend as your plus one. More often than not, women look forward to this time of year because it means they get to do a lot of dressing up.

Of course, you don’t want to be left out wearing just a plain t-shirt and jeans. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to coordinate your outfits as a couple, so you both step into the season in style. To help, we’ve listed four styling tips to guide your dress code this season:

It’s all in the details

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Dressing as couples doesn’t have to be cheesy. In fact, you can just match a few items and still make it stand out. For instance, your partner can wear something like this flower crown from Ella Flora as a statement piece. And instead of going in full floral yourself, you can opt for this cotton floral necktie from Bonobos. It’s subtle, yet manages to help you both look more put-together.

Keep it color-coordinated

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If you’re looking to turn heads as soon as you enter the party, then color-coordinated outfits will definitely make you stand out. However, matching outfits only work if you don’t go too overboard. So if one of you is wearing red pants, the other might want to wear a red top. The trick is to wear similar colors but via different pieces. If you don’t have the proper pieces to mix and match with, then complementary outfits—such as white for her and black for you—will work just as well.

Wear similar textiles

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Another subtle way to do couples dressing is by coordinating your fabrics even if they come in different shades. If you plan on donning a sweater top, your partner can wear bottoms in a similar fabric. This cashmere crewneck sweater from Maxwell & Williams, for example, is a sophisticated piece that will make you look holiday-ready. Meanwhile, these straight knit pants from Woman Within are very chic and will complement your own outfit. Plus, it’s easy to dress up or down, whether styled with an elegant cami or a blazer—depending on whatever look you are both going for.

Decide on a theme

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Sometimes, all you need is adhere to the same theme. So if your partner is all dressed up, and you wear casual clothes, it simply won’t work. Take your cue from style icon Anyim, who knows a thing or two about dressing up. For something simpler, a classic black tux and a gown is a great choice that never fails. Themes not only make you appear coordinated but they let you both do it in such a way that fits your style.

Whether you prefer to keep your couple styles subtle and delicate, or flashy and flamboyant, these styling tips can help you achieve the perfect look.

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