4 Things That Might Affect Your Career Advancement

4 Things that might affect Your Career Advancement

Career Advancements

We all have a desire to get higher and higher in our career path. But when you get stuck in a career rut, it means some things are actually standing as a roadblock in your way of a promotion. However, there are some things that you or someone might be doing that will affect your career advancement.

You would be making a big mistake if you think someone is going to take care of your career when you must work hard. No doubt, working hard is essential for success, but if you are not going up the ladder, you can’t just wait for your boss to take you under his wings. There’s probably more you can do to propel your career forward.

So, you have to take control of your own career destiny by being observant some of the outside factors that affect your career advancement. You also need to examine your behaviors to know if you are the major roadblock.

To make this evaluation process easy for you, I have compiled some common career-stalling culprits that you can check to know if any applies to you.

  1. A competitive coworker

There are some coworkers that are extremely friendly to you but throw shades on other workers. You could be found “guilty by association” so when you role of the enabler by sitting and listening to their rants, it could affect your career advancement.

Again, when you share sensitive details with a coworker who is a gossip, he or she can go behind you to say negative things behind your back. Also watch out for insecure colleagues who conveniently forget to invite you to meetings, or take credits for your ideas.

What to do

You can improve your relationship with all your team members-especially those who could be a bone in your neck. You can also try to keep a paper trail if you are in a highly competitive workplace. 

  1. Time mismanagement

Maybe you are wasting a lot of time online and never seem to get your work done. It could also be that you are bogged down by your inbox. More so, constant distractions and notifications could be competing for your attention. This could affect your career advancement.

Even when you meet up with deadlines, think about your flustered or overwhelmed look whenever your boss passes by, it could make someone perceive you as being tech-challenged.

What to do

Conduct a productivity check on yourself by keeping track of your time for a couple of days. You can use some apps and software that helps to track how much time you spend down the rabbit hole. You can also organize your email inbox in to folders for easy referencing.


Career Advancements


  1. Keeping your accomplishments undercover

Your career might be slowed down when you fail to recognize your accomplishments and keep people informed about a big win or positive result. Being ashamed to share your enthusiasm can cripple your promotion. More so, you have to realize that if people don’t know what you are doing, it may be hard for them to move you up the ranks.

What to do

Some experts do recommend that you create a brag book. It can be a word document where you record the new responsibilities that you’ve taken on, goals you’ve accomplished, promotions you’ve received, kudos you’ve gotten, etc. This record will help you speak up anywhere including staff meetings where you are asked about what you’re working on.

  1. Robotic Vibes

If you are the analytical type who has the ability to pinpoint problems without giving offering any solution, it could affect your career advancement. Think about it; this could make you come across as someone who seems to be pooh-poohing ideas.

What to do

Instead of emphasizing on problems and shunning other people’s ideas, try practice giving feedback by starting with a compliment. Then, you end with an idea to tackle the problem. That way, your colleagues would find your delivery both valuable and pleasant. 

Again, you can look for cues from people who are well-respected around the office. Observe the way they sit, stand and interact in meetings and try to emulate it. This will help you if you are not the warm and fuzzy type.

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