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Bet9ja-How To Play, Booking Codes And How To Use App

How To win on bet9ja

Bet9ja-How to play, Booking codes and How to Use App


The most popular betting website in Nigeria is Bet9ja. More so, there’s hardly a place in Nigeria you would go without seeing an agent for this sports betting. You’ll always see punters discussing or wanting to know about betting codes and predictions. However, a lot of people still to know how to bet online using the bet9ja booking codes to make their betting easy.

You are going to learn a lot about bet9ja in this article. Not only that, but you would also learn about some opportunities to make money from Bet9ja mobile. What about some knowledge about how to bet on bet9ja? You are going to lean that too including the rules.

Firstly, you need to know that bet9ja is being traded under the simple rule of KC Gaming Network limited. This betting site has acquired millions of naira over the years and it has earned a lot of fame and popularity.

Bet9ja is owned by a Nigerian Businessman, Kunle Soname, and the company is registered and licensed by the Lagos State Lottery Board.

A lot of people have derived joy in betting on this sophisticated website. You could guess why. Yea and it’s simply because they have made a lot of money from the game. But there are many others who have fallen into debt while playing the game. That’s just the irony of it; it’s a game of risk.

If you want to play bet9ja online, you can simply visit their online shop which is   But you can also walk into any Bet9ja shops in Nigeria and you’ll find a representative who would help you with betting.

Predictions on Bet9ja

There are several sites that give predictions for games on Bet9ja but not all know their onions. So you need to be very careful. However, here are some steps to guide you on how to play Bet 9ja online:

  •    Visit the official website
  •    Select the sport you want to bet on from the homepage (There are many sports available)
  •    Select your choice of the league. For example, under soccer, you’ll find La Liga, Premier League, Champions league, etc.
  •    Select the matches or events you want to bet on
  •    Click on your desired odds for each game
  •    Click on “bet slip” located at the top of the site
  •    Fill in your stake and click next
  •    It will take you to a page to confirm your selection. Confirm it and place your bet.

Meaning of booking codes

It is very helpful when you have a good understanding of the bet9ja booking codes and their meaning. This will help you ensure you are on the right track. Here are some important codes to know:

  •  1×2 – this means your prediction must cover the result of the entire match.
  •    1 – Home team wins
  •    X – Draw.
  •    2 – Away team wins.
  • (O/U 2.5) – This means you have to give a correct prediction of the total number of goals that would be scored by the time within a time frame.
  •  (2.5) O – Over 2.5 goals.
  •    (2.5) U – Under 2.5 goals
  • DC – Here, you have to predict correctly for the entire match. The following are the expected outcomes:
  •    1 – Means that the home team either draws or wins
  •    X2 – Means that the away team must either draw or win at the end of the match
  •    12 – Means either of the teams must win at the end of the entire match.
  • HT/FT- Half Time/ Full time – Here, your prediction must cover both 1st half of the match and the expected result of the full match.
  •    HF 1/1 – The home team would win at the end of the 1st half and would be declared the winner at the end of the match.
  •    HF 1/X – Here, home teams wins the first half but draws at the end of the match.
  •    HF 1/2 – Here, home teams wins at halftime, but lose to the other team at full-time.
  •    HF X/1- Home team draws at first half, but they get a chance to win at the end of the match.
  •    HF X/2 – Here, the home team draws but the away team wins.
  •    HF 2/1 – Here, the away team would win the first half but the home would have a come back to win at full-time.
  •    HF 2/X – this code signifies that away team would win the first half, but at full time the game would end in a draw.
  •    HF 2/2 – Here, the away team would win the first half and would also one the winner at Fulltime.

There are many other codes on different categories which you can also get acquainted with. However, here are some exceptional features of the Bet9ja mobile app:

  •    There are two categories on Bet 9ja mobile app – The soccer 24 and the Livescore.
  •    There are three places with prediction sites to help you increase your chance of winning.
  •    There are different links on the side of the app including Refresh, Share, About, Settings, Exit.

How to use the betting sites on the Bet9ja mobile app

  •    There is no difference in the appearance on the website
  •    Register and pick the sport you want on the homepage.
  •    Select the league or country.
  •    Select the right event or match you wish to bet towards.
  •    Click on the odds and click on the bet slip
  •    Input your stake and confirm your selection on the next page
  •    Place your bet
  •    Use Livescore or Soccervista to see results of different matches
  •    Use Prediction 1 and Prediction 2 to see prediction tips and results.

How to check your Bet9JA coupon slip

There are different ways you can check your coupon betslip even without logging in.

  •    On Desktop: Navigate to where the “coupon” is and click. Type your coupon code and click on “check.”
  •    On Mobile: The process is the same as checking on desktop. Navigate to the coupon code, click on it and enter your coupon code. Click check and you are good to go.

Some of these quizzes on Manchester United and Arsenal football clubs would help you stake and win with ease on bet9ja.

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