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How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without A Fight

How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend without a Fight


No doubt, it can be hard breaking up with a girl you’ve been getting along with for a long time. If you don’t do it right, you might end up complicating things and make your girlfriend feel hurt and hate you more than the devil.

But there are some smart ways to break up with your girlfriend without a fight. The truth is you both can still be good friends even after crashing all the dreams you guys have built…but it all depends on your approach.

Fine! You don’t expect your girl to hug you when you break the ugly news to her (When she does, it’s a sign that you may end up in some real trouble…so watch it!). She might cry, scream, hit you, or do some crazy stuff, but it all depends on how you respond.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how to break up with your girlfriend without a fight:

breakup with your girl without a fight


  1. Don’t let it wait too long

You know it’s time to break up when you start to get wait annoyed by the little things, and when you’re ready to snap. It’s not her fault if her throat-clearing or table manners begin to drive you up to the wall. Break up with her before you start treating her poorly.

When you are treating someone shitty because you don’t want to be with them anymore, it breaks them the more. So it is better to do it. But, don’t ever break up over the phone. That’s a bad idea and can come across as heartless, impersonal rude. Make an effort to break up in person. This way, you’ll be able to show her that you value your former relationship enough to speak to her in person.

breakup with your girl without a fight

  1. Keep your conversation short.

Nothing you say is going to make it easier on your girlfriend. Therefore, you need to recognize and assert these three things when you want to break up;

–     Yes, you had feelings for her and enjoyed the time you spent together.

–     She’s done nothing wrong, and you’d tell anyone she was a great girlfriend.

–     You are 100 percent sure of this breakup, and any man will be lucky to have her.

Meanwhile, try to avoid saying ‘I want to stay friends,’ especially if you don’t mean it during break up.


breakup with your girl without a fight

  1. Avoid breaking up publicly

Breakups can be very emotional situations, so ensure you do it privately. Provide your girlfriend with the dignity of a quiet and private location when you want to break up with her.

Avoid taking her to a romantic spot (such as your favorite restaurant), when you are about to break up. This could mislead her into thinking that everything is fine between the two of you.

breakup with your girl without a fight

  1. Make the break up clean and straight.

Avoid sounding vague. Try to make your girlfriend understand what you mean – make it clean and straight. So many guys make this mistake of trying to play smart on their girlfriend with words, especially when they want to break up. But the truth is ladies appreciate it when guys come out straight at them. You have to watch it anyways and ensure you don’t use any derogatory words.

breakup with your girl without a fight

  1. Never show being sorry for your girl

During breakups, a lot of guys do make the mistake of feeling sorry for their girlfriend. It would only give her the impression that things can still get better between you guys. You have to be brave and assertive to make her understand you guys cannot move on anymore.


Note: Breakups may cause your girlfriend to be devastated. Therefore, be mindful of where and when to do the break up with your girlfriend. Well if you don’t care, nothing to feel bad about. Move on


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