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Mistakes To Avoid On A First Date

Mistakes To Avoid On A First Date

Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

Now that you get a chance to go on a first date with your long-time crush, you’re all excited, I’m sure. Yea, I know how you feel. And I’m sure you don’t want to mess things up. So you need to be mindful of what you do on this D-day because there are many turnoffs for ladies, especially on a first date. 

Remember, “The first impression lasts longer” So whatsoever message you put across on your first date will linger in the heart of the woman you love. Don’t get worked up; we’ve got you covered.

Good news is that we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes guys make on a first date. This information would be an advantage for you, right? Yea, so you don’t get to fall in the same ditch and lose your crush. Without much ado, here are some mistakes to avoid on a first date:


Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Showing Up Late

Punctuality is always important, especially on the first date. If you show up late, it will send the message that you don’t care. Always ensure you arrive before time. If it cannot be avoided, text with an apology and apologize again at your arrival. “Unfortunately, I’ve seen lots of bad advice about turning up late on dates to show how much in demand you are. Guess what? All that this will communicate is how inconsiderate you are and how bad you are with time management. Therefore, avoid making the mistake of showing up late, especially on the first date. 

Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Dressing Indecently

Remember: Appearance shows the manner. Make sure you look cute when you’re on your first date. Looking like a mess will only show that you don’t take pride in how you look and don’t care about the outcome of your meeting. So here is an advice for you, “If you are not predisposed to look good, just cancel the date and stay home.” Avoid making the mistake of dressing shabbily to your first date.

Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Rudeness To Service People. 

Hello! Do not be rude to anybody; remember it is your first date. Nothing screams irritability or obnoxiousness more than being offensive to people, especially a waiter. However, if the waiter is just that bad, tell your date what you find unacceptable about the service and that you plan to say something (but skip it if your time objects or seems uncomfortable). Remember, you don’t have to be uptight and concerned about every little thing, but you should watch your behavior just a little closer on a first date.

Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Engaging Yourself With Your Phone. 

Your friends might want to text or put a call through to know how smooth your first date is going (don’t worry, we understand the guy’s code) but they can wait until you are back home.  Even if you’re a business person and receive calls from time to time, you should try to keep it low on your first date. You can put your phone on silence or excuse yourself to pick that is urgent. Also, fixing your eyes on your phone is a common mistake to avoid on a first date. It makes you seem bored or distracted, neither of which is appealing to the woman you’re dating. If you must check your phone, apologize, explain why, and do it as fast as possible or excuse yourself to the restroom and do it there.

Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Talking About An Ex

The first date is not an appropriate time to talk incessantly about past loves. Except you’re asked directly, avoid soliloquies about your ex. It will only make you look like you haven’t moved on.  Moreover, if she asks you about your ex, say the briefest, cutest thing you can and subtly and politely try to change the subject.  If you can’t help yourself, and your ex is still all you talk about, you’re not over the relationship.

Mistake to Avoid on a First Date

  1. Boasting

Seriously! No lady likes when a man shows off, especially on a first date. The truth is that when you keep talking about your high income or your car worth, it can put a lady off. It doesn’t make you more attractive; it does the opposite. Instead, tell her briefly about you and what you do that is if she asks. Listing all your achievement to her may seem like you’re boasting, especially when you are on your first date.  So, it is better to avoid talking too much to avoid going off the limit.


Final Remark

Most relationships that stayed longer up until marriage had a smooth first date. So, try to keep it enjoyable- don’t talk too much, get distracted. Boast or act rude. Give your girl your full attention and try to let her do most of the talking. Always remember that “ladies love good listeners” So it is up to you know to ensure you make your first date a memorable one. Good luck!


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