Why Trump Must Remain President Come 2020

Trump Make America Great Again

We’re just a a couple of weeks away from 2020 and in a way I’d say months away from the Presidential Election. Three years ago we were there and soon we’ll be there again; at the polls. To decide who we think has what it takes to lead us for the good of all of America and Americans.

As a patriot, after considering all the possible options and the ones we had 3 years ago, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s nothing better on ‘the table’ today and in 2016 than we already have in The White House. From all unemotional analysis and point of view, Donald Trump apparently is the best president for us Americans, not because I think he’s a great guy at all but his policies are for the good of all Americans. This isn’t a time to show people from other countries how much we love and care for them but a time to Make America Great Again not by mere words but with policies, policies that look out for everyone not policies that look to exploit a group over another.

With the above being said, I’d like to indulge you in the reasons why Donald Trump must remain in The White House fixing America. All these judging from his policies we’ve already seen in action and how much they fared.

  • Jobs

It’s no news that unemployment is at an all time low in decades, never been seen before in a very long while in the history of the United States of America. The low unemployment stats cuts across all ethnicity, race, education, gender, age etc.

  1. Do you know that over 4 million new jobs have been created in the past 3 years? That is an extra 4 million Americans getting employed. Of the 4 million jobs 10% is purely manufacturing jobs. Say no more.
  2. Lowest veterans unemployment stats ever recorded in the past 20 years.
  3. Women’s employment at an all time high since the past 65 years. I thought Donald hates women.
  4. African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American unemployment equally at it’s lowest ever.
  • Immigration

Less to almost no access has been granted to people who don’t meet the requirements of setting foot on the American soil. Entering into our country is now strictly on merit and very strict. From now, if you want to be here, do it the right way.

  1. The Wall. Like it or hate, it’ll help keep the illegals(who see our borders as a mere line to be walked over) away, one has to be on a new level of stupid to support illegal immigration. As promised building of The Wall has been started and serious progress has been recorded.
  2. Stricter rules for getting in here so we don’t flood our country with criminals and potential criminals.
  3. Travel ban upheld by the Supreme Court.
  • The Economy

At an all time high, we presently have the best economy in the entire world and also the best the US has ever witnessed in it’s entire history. More jobs, were created, more families were lifted from poverty, more US exports all lead to a robust economy. Net export increased tremendously by $59 billion this year alone, it’s safe to say the last administration allowed us to be losing money for no justifiable reason.

  • Tax cuts

Several people have mixed feelings regarding the president’s tax cuts as many would want to demonize it without looking at how positively it impacted our economy. You need to be mindful who you listen to as they might confuse you with their fake-everything.

  1. $300 billion was poured back into the US following the tactical tax cut. One secret, that was recorded for just the first quarter of 2019. More to come.
  2. Following the tax bills, your small business will pay less tax than any similar small business has ever paid in the past 80 years. Talk about breaking records positively!
  • Healthcare

It’s no secret that the whole Obamacare was doomed to fail as it had a more negative impact on us than the supposedly positive.

  1. Obamacare…gone with the winds
  2. More affordable and flexible health plans for all Americans.
  3. Hospitals no longer allowed to overcharge seniors for their drugs. You’d know how good it feels if you’re a senior citizen.
  4. A lot more health goodies we’re all aware of.
  • Military

Once again, our military is the most respected and feared in the world because there’s sufficient funding for it and presidential support which was grossly lacking during the administration of president Obama. Military pact with other nations now strictly respected by them and followed to the letter.

  1. Record $700 billion funding for our military. This dwarfs the rest other countries’ military put together.
  2. Pulled out of the almost in-existent Iran deal which was grossly one-sided.
  3. NATO allies now spend money to  tune of $69 billion on their defenses, unlike before where they expect us to do it for them, throwing our money around.
  4. Working on making the Space Force the 6th branch of the Arm Forces.
  • International Politics

Several international agreements and deals that weren’t favoring us or our allies we’ve been pulled out of.

  1. The Paris Climate Accord that kills our jobs without any substantial benefit, we’ve done away with that.
  2. Moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to the rightful place in Jerusalem.
  • Trade

Over the years, for several decades China has been exploiting us and our position. It took it upon itself to steal and forcefully transfer our technology to it’s market; a closed market where US companies are not allowed to compete with the Chinese ones. Well, that has been taken careful once and for all. It’s long over due and all I can say is better late than never.

  1. Imposed tariffs on China is response to the illegal and forceful technology transfer orchestrated by Chinese citizens and backed by the government.
  2. Imposed tariffs on foreign steal to help boost ours. Ever since there’s been huge growth and progress recorded.

The list that covers all of the important achievements of the Trump administration goes on and on, what’s most important is that Americans feel safe in their country and the economy is also doing well to support them. All of these are apparently supported and boosted by the president and his policies. For the good of the American people and patriots who want to feel proud of their country and also feel safe… This is the right man for the job.

Keeping him in office will ensure all of the above and even more to come. Match on patriots as we do the right thing for our kids and unborn generations.

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