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YOMI CASUAL: Biography of Nigerian Men Fashion Designer

YOMI CASUAL: Biography of Nigerian Men Fashion Designer

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When it comes to Fashion among Nigerian Men in Nigeria, Yomi Casual is one of the resounding names that take the lead in the Industry. He is one highly talented man that has carved a niche for himself through his exceptional designs. This is evident in the high demand for his works by Men in Nigeria and Africa at large. Below is a concise biography of the exceptional Nigerian Men Fashion Designer.

Age and Family Background

yomi casual and brothers

Yomi Casual biologically named as Omoniyi Makun was born January 25, 1985 (age 32) into a humble home of 9 including his parents. He is the last child of his parents with six older siblings. Popular among his older siblings is the Successful Ace Comedia, Ayo Makun, who is known on stage as AY. The Makuns are known to hail from Ifon, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Yomi Casual graduated from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, where he studied Fashion designing and Technology of Clothing. It’s kind of strange for one to opt for such a course right? Yea, Yomi Casual picked interest in Fashion out of his passion to be outstanding among the wide range of competitors in the fashion designing industry. As fate would have it, he is now one of Nigeria’s finest Fashion designers among other fashionistas. He always gives kudos to his everyone that trusted in his skill and exceptionality right from the onset.

What’s exceptional about the brand “Yomi Casual”?

In the whole of Nigeria and Africa, the founder and CEO of the biggest African inspired Ready to Wear Clothing Label, Yomi Casual stands as the most favorite fashion designer to a majority of entertainers and Celebrities far and wide. He has a passion and determination to always provide smashing styles and designs that speaks volume to the world.

The voice behind the fashion designs of Yomi Casual is targeted towards portraying the African culture and tradition.  Talking about the Yomi Casual brand, it spreads across every city in Nigeria and Africa at large as a true representation of originality and perfection. The brand “Yomi Casual” even goes farther to penetrate the hearts and wardrobes of most big men and women, most especially politicians and celebrities in Nigeria.

Notable among the vast clientele base of the Yomi Casual brand are some prominent personalities including:: JJ Okocha, Desmond Elliot, Alex Ekubo, Sammie Okposo, Timaya, Alibaba, AY, Majid Mitchell, Bovi, Chioma Chukwuka, Chidi Mokeme, Ramsey Nouah Jnr, Seyi Law, and many others.

Achievements and Awards of Yomi Casual

Yomi Casual has been nominated for several award categories, and in the year 2014, he won the inspiration Excellence Award. Apart from this, Yomi Casual has also been honored with many other awards as listed below:

  • In 2011, he was honored with the city people hottest designer of the year
  • Still, in 2011, he won the award for the fashion designer of the year at the Nigerian Youth Merit.
  • He was also honored with the Efizzy Awards newest designer of the year.
  • In 2012, he was awarded as the designer of the year by Dynamix all youth Awards
  • Still, in 2012, he won the Vconnect Award of Merit.
  • In 2013, he won the Cynosure magazine acknowledgment award
  • The award for inspiration excellent service, 2014
  • He also won the exclusive impact magazine fashion designer of the year in 2014
  • He was nominated as a peace ambassador for the year 2014.

 The Early Phase of His Career

After acquiring the necessary skills as a Fashion designer, Omoniyi Makun started his fashion career and coined the Label “Yomi Casual®” in the Year 2007. He grew so fast due to his gallant and fashionable designs that caught the interest of favorite superstars in Nigeria. Also, he made it to the A-list of Fashion Designers for men wears in Nigeria.

The brand “Yomi Casual®” focuses mainly on ready to Wear African designs with prints that depict the African Culture. This unique concept has won the interest of clients and isolated them from other Fashion brands. Yomi simply defined Casual as the undeviating reverse of the conventional classification of spontaneous.

The Designs of Yomi Casual

Yomi casual designs

The major concept of design that the brand “Yomi Casual” has been able to emphasize is Flawlessness distinctly stitched to a standard. According to Yomi Casual, every design is birthed with a celebrity in mind irrespective of being famous or not. So by simply styling your Yomi Casual outfits, you will often feel a sense of celebrity consciousness inside of you and this drives you automatically to becoming a celebrity.

…here’s what the team members have to say

We vividly grasp the full vision of Olorunyomi Omoniyi Makun, our distinguished BOSS, who bagged a degree in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology from Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State, Nigeria.  So we are constantly geared and compelled to uphold the sincere modernization of the “Yomi Casual brand”.

From the Moment Yomi Casual began to consciously direct his new-fangled collection of Fashion designs to complement the notable figures in the Profile of Luminaries, he has gained large acceptance far more than other Fashion Designers in Nigeria. You can name any top 7 celebrity in any field in Nigeria, and be sure to find at least 7 Yomi Casual outfits in their wardrobe.

Marital Life of the Fashion Icon “Yomi Casual”

yomi casual and wife

Omoniyi Makun took a bold step to walk down the high with his old-time girlfriend, Grace, on the 9th of July, 2017. The event took place at the Funnybone Untamed II comedy display in Eko Hotel & Suites.

Surprisingly, the Beautiful bride has been dating Yomi Casual for several years even before he came to limelight. She happens to be the boss and CEO of Fab Jewels.

Yomi Casual expressed how happy he was to betroth his girlfriend by storming his Instagram page to show the world the customized ring he got for her with the name “Mrs. Makun.” boldly engraved on it.

The Day Yomi Casual Proposed to his Now Wife

Yomi Casual stunned the world with his romantic prowess when he proposed to his wife in a cool serene environment with the DJ playing the Styl Plus hit track “Olufunmi” at the background. His longtime friend and Nollywood Celeb, Gbenro Ajibade was his ring bearer and he stylishly got the ring as he went down on his knees. The rest is history.

When it comes to representation, Yomi Casual has been featured in the UK owing to the popular Native Vogue International Fashion Week which took place in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He has also gained large recognition as a first-class Fashion Designer in the Fashion Exhibitions in Nigeria.

Yomi Casual® is the certified clothier of many politicians and celebrities in Nigeria including his elder brother AY Makun. His fashion designs were well represented in the award-winning 30 Days in Atlanta, a movie that was filmed in Atlanta, Nigeria. Not only that, but Yomi Casual® has gained official Partnership with many events like the Shift Celebrity Praise- a yearly thanksgiving occasion hosting all Nigerian Celebs. The brand is also the only approved Outfit Partner of the well-known AY Live Comedy & Music Shows.



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